Sunday strolls

In an effort to have more fun we decided that instead of getting a nap we would take a walk to Tunstall Hill this afternoon. The weather was pretty rubbish yesterday so we didn’t get to do a lot of bike riding so we decided to try with a walk instead.

I am starting to worry that I wont manage to get up any mountains in the Alps. If you struggle with Tunstall Hill then it is a pretty sure thing that a mountain will be tricky! I have been wondering if the kids would really like to go back to the Alps, but after watching them play and look at the views then I am sure, again, that they will love it.

Now, as a family we argue less when we are out walking. I say less as arguments still happen. Some of our kids, mentioning no names, find the open air brings out a few of their troubles and the fight for attention begins. It makes me think of my childhood and I find myself, once again, feeling really bad for the way I must have acted. I am typing this whilst laughing as I think how frustrating it must of been and that even though I still remember how it felt I have no idea whatsoever how to deal with it when my own kids do it! It’s hard work and luckily resolved by the time we were back on Strawberry Bank.

Despite the little fights we had lots of fun. We pretended we were superheroes, had piggyback races and showed off our jumping skills. I have to say that Seth absolutely loves the outdoors and I think he might be the one that gets to the top of the mountains easier than the rest of us!

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