We’re surviving the first week.

We are surviving! I say that with triumph because this is a week where our family have moved on to new horizons. Even if tomorrow were a complete disaster it would still mean that the kids had 3 good days and then only 1 bad day, so on balance it means we have had a good day!

Adam is now in full swing of secondary school and meeting his mates, from Barnes, at the park for a ride on their bikes after school. Today they bumped into each other on the way home and there was a slight twinge of sadness that he is not with them all the time at school. However, he is enjoying St Aidan’s and seeing him this week makes me see how grown up he is becoming. I LOVE not hearing reports from his sisters about how his day went and I enjoy hearing about the day in the way he wants to tell it.

I’ve been meeting him after school, mostly because I could and he gets his time to talk and relax before everyone gets home. He finishes as 2.30 and is home by 2.40! He has signed up for some clubs now though and so hopefully he will make some new friends and find something he enjoys.

Elizabeth is also enjoying the juniors and the sinking feeling of seeing those long legs and hearing her logic is starting to calm down. I don’t know if the kids will ever understand that overwhelming love I sometimes have when I see them. I want to grab them and hug them so hard…there are also times I want to do this for other reasons ha ha.

She made my heart melt today as she was telling me how she has made a new friend today. Apparently she saw a girl at the ‘friendship stop’ and so asked if she wanted to play. She did and they are now friends. To Elizabeth it is total logic as that is what the stop is all about, to me it was a beautiful act of childhood service. She saw a need that she could fulfil and she filled it!

Hannah is settled already and the school is planning to push her this year…in a good way!

Rebekah is now in Year 8 and feeling the growing demands of teenager hood. A time I wouldn’t want to do again. i keep trying to give her shaky advice about how to battle the obstacles of friendship and all the while I am just hoping beyond hope she finds some good friends. Shaky advice is all I have to offer, but that comes with a lot of love and so hopefully when it’s all added together it will be enough.

And then to Seth. He is being totally Seth about the whole thing, reassuring me there will be no tears and jumping in excitement when he sees me pick him up. He’s loving it and he loves coming home. He does not like walking home!

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