September is here!

The day has arrived and the kids are back at school. This holiday has flown and I loved having just one extra day this week for a lie and a day of no routine. Actually we did well this morning…the first morning usually is…we shall see what tomorrow brings!

So we have 2 in secondary school and despite Adam panicking about his head looking small in his massive blazer he looked extremely smart. I had a little chuckle to myself, as I went to meet him after school, at the year 7’s and their huge blazers that were bought so that the kids could ‘grow’ into them. He certainly wasn’t the only one with slightly too big clothes, but also looked as happy as the others on completing their first day of secondary school.

Seth is now our only Infant child and he cried going into school. I had to do the throw him to his teacher and run tactic because he would stick to me for as long as I was around. I got a reassuring phone call from Mrs Belshaw that he was settled. I politely said thanks rather than what I was thinking…I knew he would be fine. We have done this before in Reception and I am pretty sure there will be more tears as the days progress. I asked him earlier if he will cry again and he said probably so I am expecting it!

Elizabeth was a little nervous too actually. She battled through the parents to find her line and once in only needed me to watch from afar. She gave a little nervous wave and then was away into big school with me not worrying one little bit about how she would cope. I was right not to worry as she was absolutely fine.

I never really saw Hannah as she ran off as soon as she was in the yard. No worry there either then!

Andrew took Rebekah and all was well. I am not sure she is smiling in the photos, but she’s not crying either so at this age that’s a winner.

We are back in the swing. We are back in the routine. We are back in the early morning wake ups and the trashed house as we try to get out go the house on time. There are a few changes though..there’s only 3 kids to walk to school, 4 packed lunches to make and 2 kids to watch on their mobile phones. Adam has his Nokia and he uses it well. There is a slight tinge of guilt at the excitement of having snakes to play, but he hasn’t noticed everyone else has smartphones and so we wont say anything about it!

There was a little shock after school today as Elizabeth came into the house, took out her lunchbox and emptied it into the bin…she actually did this with no instruction. Having never seen this before in our house I was a little confused. Hannah must have watched in awe as I am pretty sure she thought the contents on a lunchbox are supposed to be left in until the next use…even if that is after the six weeks holiday!

And so now I take a deep breath as I drag the kids from their various places to begin the task of reading before bed without me falling asleep! This is no easy feat at this time in the evening. Then when they are tucked up in bed, safe and sound, I will begin putting this house back together so that is resembles something close to a home. All this before i crash into bed ready to start all over again and all I think is ‘thank goodness it is not me teaching seminary in the morning’ ha ha.

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