October came and went

I love half term…I love that feeling on a Sunday night when you know a lie in and a lazy morning is on the cards. And then I love it when that lie in and lazy morning happens.

October has gone crazy fast, it started with me in Scotland, then progressed to general conference, then stake conference and then Andrew’s birthday and is ending with half term. Within all of this was Andrew’s job all up in the air and us wondering whether this is the time to move on with our lives and move away. That keeps swinging about all the time…there are just so many pros and cons. One of my cons is our lifestyle here where I can literally walk everywhere I need to within the week. A massive pro is a fresh start.

A highlight of this crazy month is Andrew turned a whole year older. We celebrated at his favourite Indian restaurant on the Wednesday Night and then we had our own little meal on Friday afternoon whilst the kids were at school. I enjoyed both and was full after both. It was great to see the kids can do the going out to eat thing without causing massive commotion and now we have ventured back into that world we might even do it again.

Andrew is not massively bothered about birthdays. He is happy to celebrate it and happy for the kids to get excited. They wanted to do him a surprise and although they needed a little direction they did well!

Andrew remains my favourite person in the world and I love to laugh with him…we need to laugh sometimes in this crazy stress. He remains as constant as ever and he is more compassionate as he grows older. He still enjoys his running and although he is not racing at the moment he is training at his running group…which Adam has also joined.

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