End of Term Shenanigans

We are almost there and so far we have managed to remember to go to everything and provide all we need to provide…no mean feat when 5 little ones are doing so much stuff. I say little ones, when I don’t think I can call them that any longer.

Last night was Adam’s leaving play. Now this becomes the main focus after SATs and must be a cause of so much stress to the teachers. It is a delight to the parents and the kids really go for it with their acting and singing. Adam did both this year and what a STAR he was. He was a teacher and then he sang a solo. You could see he was nervous, but they must have practised so much that he was perfectly ok with the whole thing!

I did wonder if I would cry. I don’t usually cry and I didn’t this year either. I was smiling from ear to ear because I was watching Adam being at ease with himself and doing something he was obviously enjoying.

All the kids did a fab job and you can see how much more ready they are to move on than they were at the beginning of this school year. What a difference a few months make.

Elizabeth also had her school play…well assembly. She said her line really well! We have developed this habit of one of us going on each day so that there is always someone there to watch her. This also involves Grandma.

Hannah has changed classes in school and there has been uproar from a lot of parents. I am trying to keep well and truly out of it as some of it involves the changes made to Hannah’s class. Roll on the holidays.

Right I best do the big house clean up for absolutely no reason other than make space for them to make more mess in later! I love this part of life so very much. So much better than meeting a friend or going shopping.

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