Nearly the holidays

We are getting closer! Each morning, when we drag ourselves out of bed, we are one morning closer to the holidays. Today I went on my first ever ‘me’ organised school trip. It went well, even after a few hiccups. It was fun and made me remember just how much our family enjoy the library and it made me so excited to think that we can go again soon because we will have some more time!

It is crazy busy at the minute with end of year stuff. Last week was Rebekah’s summer concert, which was very good. It was also very long, but good so that didn’t matter. It has made me realise the change in passion and talent in secondary school.

Seth had his little ‘thing’ at the park yesterday…in the rain. He loved it though and the games and looking through his books was great. We had to play tag as I was at work. Andrew went from 1.30 until I got there at 2.10. I am so very lucky to work so close to school and home.

Adam has his transition to St Aidan’s and I think he has found it just as he thought. Good, but hard. Good in that he is so ready for it and hard in that he struggles with change and the unfamiliar. The transition days are good for that though as they get them ready so that September is not quite as daunting!

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