The world of politics at the moment. Seth, the other day, was saying that ‘Donald Trump just wants to bomb everything’ and the kids are now having a massive panic about going on holiday in France because the UK voted leave out of the EU. It has nearly been a week since that happened and we are just about starting to calm down! I forget the kids listen.

Adam had a huge panic that we would no longer have banana’s and mangoes…Hannah quickly explained we would, but that it would be more expensive and difficult. I couldn’t really add anything more to that! I never thought Hannah would have a better understanding of politics at the age of 9 than fully grown adults who need the EU to survive!

The thing is, sometimes I overthink things and get the wrong end of the stick! We were watching the England game the other night, which we lost, and Andrew and I were talking about immigration etc. Anyways, Adam piped up about ‘why are we white’, to which I leapt into a massive discourse about skin colour and humanity etc etc etc. He looked blank at me and in frustration I said something along the lines of him always thinking the grass is always greener…to which he said ‘I just wanted to know why we wear white t’shirts in football’. I kinda got the wrong end of the stick there then!

So we face an uncertain future. We are in turmoil and whilst we took the mick out of America for their presidential campaign, we managed a clanger of our own!

I could go on and on for ages about why I think we are in a mess, but at this point that would be rumination and I have been reading that that is not a good thing! So I will simply say our holiday will be a little expensive this year, the locals might not be quite a friendly and being in the mountains is probably the best place for us to be this summer!!!!!

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