Toothfairies and cleaning

Elizabeth has become the next one of our children to lose a tooth. There was a moment of typical Elizabeth logic as she adjusted to the fact that her tooth wouldn’t be coming out in France. The tooth fairy did well too, as sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, she can’t make it and needs to come another night. There was one time she didn’t come for a couple of nights, but that must have been a really busy time of year! There was a little panic from me that she wouldn’t come..a panic about midnight, but Daddy was very good and reassured me that all would be well and it was!

So I am supposed to be cleaning the house ready for holiday and I had tons of gusto this morning and a little less motivation now. I have just been to see hannah’s production of her assembly, but I couldn’t actually see her as I am small and lots of parents aren’t and they seem to always choose the front, whilst I am always a little late and need to sit at the back! It was lovely though and all about the 80’s, which I am glad she got as it was good to remember the ‘olden stuff’ as the kids put it! Hannah was hilarious when she was learning about the 80’s and heard about something called….’a cassette or something’ and she totally couldn’t understand why the police were on the beach (beat). Very funny indeed…it’s scary to think that it was 30 years ago!!

Holly is 11 today….scary stuff.

Ah man best get cleaning….so boring. Let’s whack the music on and get going.

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