So today the girls got a haircut…a trim at the very most (except Rebekah who properly got it cut). This is the experience in Hannah’s own words. “I don’t like getting my haircut because then you can’t do lots of hairstyles by yourself and I really want my hair long.” “The hairdressers are really bad and Mammy is better because when they say they are only taking a little bit off they really takes loads off.” When I explained that, infact, they are better than Mammy she still kept saying that wasn’t true, whilst crying, in the actual hairdressers. The woman was great with her and literally took mm’s from her hair and Hannah still insists she has chopped it all off. She also gave her a lollipop, once she calmed down.

Now my first thought was that, well she didn’t have a problem chopping her sisters off that time, but I knew bringing this into the mix wasn’t going to help the situation. If you didn’t know she was going to the hairdressers (and by now I am sure everyone in Tunstall knows) then you probably couldn’t even tell! it is literally a tiny bit, but does make her hair look thicker.

Ha ha she just admitted that she likes it now!!

Elizabeth was at Catherine’s party and she came out quickly to get it cut and then went back again. Again, it was a tiny amount, but looks straight.

Rebekah has a new style though and it looks lovely. She had about 3 inches taken off and then had it layered. It looks nice and the lady kept commenting on how thick her hair was.

The whole thing cost £20, which I think was good. When I see them do Hannah and Beth I do think that I should really do it myself, but I am not as good at all! I think for £5 each and the fact I get it done about once a year means it is worth it ha ha. I really should take them more often.

Hannah had a sleepover at Anna-belle’s last night.

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