Sport Relief and yet more illness

Today at school we have a hiker, a runner, a bmx rider and a rock climber…all their own choice and all looking good. School life is dotted with dressing up days and these days are often a lot more stressful than school uniform days! I have to admit that this was a pretty easy one as the kids are quite sporty anyway. We needed to think of things that would also be warm as they are doing lots of games outside and although the sun is trying to peek through the grey clouds it is still freezing! They should love it though.

We went to visit St Aidan’s again this week and I think that it was relieved some of Adam’s stress about going. It was a little tour and chat and Adam went so quiet and closed in. They will see a different Adam when he is there though. He has almost decided to go now…I say almost as I am pretty sure there will be many more changed minds before September and indeed before he does his exams and leaves school.

This has been a week of illness and the endless debate of whether sick kids should be at school to not. Rebekah has been the worst affected and her sinuses have been infected. She thinks we are the worst parents ever as we suggested she went back! She was sent home on Monday and yesterday was her first day back. I fully know how awful your sinuses can be and it is horrible, but I also know that once you past the stage of just wanting to lay down with your eyes closed then it is time to try and get back on your feet.

She was at the G.P’s this morning…a mothering job I adore! The Doctor seemed to think that recurrent sinus infections weren’t really such a bad thing. She obviously has very good sinuses! She gave Rebekah a nasal spray to help with the congestion. It wasn’t really the solution we were looking for, but I’m willing to give it a go. If it helps her breath through her nose I am all up for it!

Our family are once again trying to get healthy and we have been going on some great late night family walks. It is nice and the kids seem to really enjoy it, which is always a bonus. As the light nights creep in it will get even better. We have found Adam doesn’t jump around the house quite as much and generally they are getting on a little better – although Elizabeth will have a moment of running off in distress!

Elizabeth talked about her career choices the other day. I listened as she enthusiastically discussed being a Macdonalder or a vet…not much different there then! I love how Elizabeth makes up words…usually verbs. The therapist in me knows I should model the correct word, but the Mam in me makes me treasure those quirky words! The other day she asked her Dad if he was the ‘milker’ i.e. the one who was pouring the milk at breakfast.

This week I have been teaching early morning seminary and it wasn’t as bad as I thought! They start at 7am, which means a 6.30am wake up. Obviously for some people this is pretty late really or at least an average wake up time! For me it isn’t and although I was persuaded to think that 7am wake up is actually good I am not sold on 6.30.

I have been reading and listening about compassionate thinking…basically about being kind to ourselves…something that sadly has to be developed in some people. It is fascinating and the concept to simple. The practise is rock hard though and will take time to develop. It will be good, but like any change in life, I will need to make it a habit!

It has made me think long and hard about the way I communicate my feelings to my family. It has also helped me see some of my stumbling blocks and also helped me see these in the kids. I am going to try writing some of them down to begin with and find alternatives. I guess I remember one of the things I absolutely loved about Andrew was the way he saw the good in me when we first starting dating. This felt different because I don’t think I ever really did that for myself. Well now I need to be. It’s about time. What I am learning is that this needs practise and one day of being nice to myself is not going to be enough. I am going to practise on the kids first as I do genuinely think they are amazing and I am pretty sure I don’t make them feel that all the time – I am human after all (a massive thing to realise in self compassion ha ha)

I love the idea of ‘average’ and how society has totally changed the meaning of that word! It makes me laugh as being average is great, but we see it as a failure. It is a feared word. When I think in my reports, at work, if I can say a child is average then I am over the moon. I think I do fear average a little bit – but realising that has taken thought!

Now the problem is really meditation, this is a huge thing and I just don’t love it or even like it that much to be honest. I’ll keep going though. Being more aware is great though and maybe meditation is not going to be my thing exactly, but quiet reflective thinking is a gospel principle!

Ok…motivation for doing an exercise thing now before the school pick up! Come on Helen!

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