And so the pain begins……. Week 1

I haven’t weighed myself yet. I thin this would be a good start but I keep forgetting to do this first thing on a morning. Probably because I’ve been getting the kids ready for school as Helen has been at church this week teaching early morning seminary. I’ll try and remember tomorrow. I will then weigh myself every Monday morning.

Monday 14th March 2014.
2.5 km warm up at 5 min/km pace.
3 x 3 (200m) hill runs. With jog back down the hill between rep. At the end of each set I would do a 1km slow jog.

This was a tough session. I really wanted to pack in half way through but persevered and completed it. By the end my legs were so heavy and I was getting slower and slower up the hill. After the first set I was totally spent. I thought I would just do 2 sets but managed the three. The hill is steep and exactly 200m from road to road. I didn’t time the hill runs, probably best really as it would have made things more disheartening.
In all it was a good, tough, session to start.

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