3 countries in 1 day!

I think the last time we came to France around the Easter holidays was when I was pregnant with Adam, which scarily is about 11 years ago.
This time there were a few more of us and we took a slight detour to Belguim as well.
Belguim was good and different than i was expecting. I guess I thought that because we were only going over the border to Ypres that it wouldn’t be drastically different. However it was and the kids enjoyed the differences as much as they could under the fear of the recent bombings in Brussels.
Our goal of the trip was to find the inscription of Andrew’s Great great Uncle, O T Nairn, who was killed in battle. The momument was erected to commemerate the fallen soliders who never got a marked grave. It was far more emotional than I thought it would have been, especially when we were able to place a poppy near his name. He was part of the DLI and there were so many names. It is hard to read as you think of the loss of unnecessary lives.
We also visited the flanders museum, which was really good. The kids loved their interactive poppy bracelets. The kids were really well behaved in the museum and i think we will leave the description of their behaviour at that…it would be much kinder thing to do!
We then spent a couple of nights in a hotel…i say hotel and i mean a room really. 7 of us squashed in a 3 single bed room. It worked and after sleeping in the car the night before it felt ok!
I do wonder if in years to come we will think we were mad, but we also had a Decathlon holiday day! It was great fun at the complex and then the btwin village. You cant say we cant make fun for ourselves! Arghh the battery is running low…more later!!!

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