This half term feels a little like biding time as we are only back for a few weeks and then it is Easter (and France).  Weeke biding the time is a little more stressful than I thought!  We have World Book Day, Sports Relief, Secondary School acceptances, Netball, SAT preparation and then all the other run of the mill, we should already be doing anyway things!

Elizabeth decided she wanted to be the Hungry Caterpillar and then Lily Quench.  Seth has no idea and whilst he always reads spiderman books I just can’t bring myself to let him go in a spiderman costume!  World Book Day is so hard in this house because we enjoy books.  As a celebration of this I feel that the kids can’t just go as anyone, but they must go as someone from an actual book they enjoy.  The kids are not bothered….I am!  I have suggested Iggy Peck to Seth, who said that we didn’t have an Iggy Peck costume!  I wanted to say ‘exactly…we will make one” (an easy one), but he was already wandering off by this point really not caring about what he could dress up as.  I found myself reading the spines of the books in the playroom and coming up with loads of ideas…except they were all my ideas!  Elizabeth has nearly come round to the idea of someone from the Secret Seven, but I was just kidding with that one as it is boring!  Can I make a Lily Quench costume in one evening…with no viking hat?!  I am reading Malory Towers with Hannah and now regretting not doing this with Elizabeth as well.  Oh I have just thought….she should go as Elizabeth Bennett ha ha ha!

Adam is sorted for sports relief and since Hannah cannot be seen without a skipping rope these days then sports relief is already sorted!

Adam got in to St Aidans.  We knew he would and it wasn’t the ‘yay’ feeling I think you are supposed to get when you get your first choice.  In truth, we picked the closest school to our house.  It wasn’t even a case of the best of the worst…it was simply distance.  Adam is not thrilled and I cannot honestly say that St Aidan’s will be better than Southmoor, which is where his friends are going.  I keep thinking that we can just change him if he isn’t happy, but realistically I just don’t know.  Time will tell and the amount of sulking he does until September will also show us.  To be fair, there are places at all the schools, so if, in a moment of revelation we change our minds then he will get in any of the schools.

Rebekah played her first netball match last night and came 3rd.  When I asked how many teams there were she was horrified that I thought there were only 3 teams…I was just asking how many!  She is entering the backchatting and life is unfair part of the adorable teenage years and it is a right ride!  She will look back and think she had it the hardest and she does really!  I have to say trying to stand my ground with a girl who is starting to loom over me makes me chuckle inside, but I have to keep the chuckles inside as I am just learning how to actually deal with this new way of thinking and speaking!  Actually I am already dealing with Elizabeth in the same way and I do hope by her teenage years I have her sussed or that at least she is doing the teenage thing early!

She also did her first sacrament talk on Sunday.  it was for 5 minutes about her experiences at the Temple.  She was fantastic and spoke with emotion and confidence.  It was lovely!

Right, best get ready for the school run.



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