Mother’s Day

I am always in a little confusion about Mother’s Day…is it like Valentines Day, which is so commercial?  Or should it be celebrated and a chance to allow your children to show their appreciation for their Mam?  The kids love it.  I love it and the missionaries get to phone their Mam’s so it must be a special time.

Yesterday was a good one.  I got breakfast in bed (bagel with peanut butter and banana), and lots (and i mean lots) of homemade cards!  I also got some perfume from Andrew (which he had accidentally left in the Asda trolley, but luckily managed to get back) and a pandora bracelet from Rebekah.  Now the perfume I needed and it was a good excuse to get it, but the pandora bracelet was totally unexpected….even by Rebekah.  She had no idea what it really was and she just thought it was pretty!  She made it at guides and they got it for free!  I still don’t understand it.  It must have been worth at least £100 with all the charms etc.  I am so shocked by it that I really want to ask the leaders what it is all about.  I really must look after this one as I am used to £7 bracelets from the supermarket.

The kids really made a fuss and it was nice.  I even got my nap and that was the greatest present of all ha ha.

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