Half Term

We were dying for the holidays to arrive and just about managing to get through the week before we broke up!  The holidays were so busy as Andrew was off so we always do more (Seth always says his Dad is more fun).

Tiffany and Sophie came to stay for a few days and that was great.  Adam had his friend back and it was nice spending time with other people.

Mostly we have met up with friends and just had an easy good time…just what you need.

Yesterday was Sam’s baptism in Sheffield and it was just so lovely.  Mandy was so nervous, especially since Carl and his family are not members.  The Bishop did a fantastic job of including all the family and it was a really lovely atmosphere.

Mandy gave a talk and I was smiling all the way through.  I don’t think I give get enough credit for the woman she has become as to me she is my little sister.  It was a privilege to help her and guide her in knowing what to do (the practicals).

Oh it made me want to move back to Sheffield.

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