Seth is 5!

The other day we were looking through these pages and having a laugh about the posts.  The kids all wanted to read about their birthdays and for a few seconds I had held my breath with fear as we searched for each child.  Luckily I could breathe again as we managed to find everyone….phew!

Seth had his birthday last Wednesday and the week has been so full of fun that I have just managed to find the time now…when the kids are all back at school.  However this means that I will have done it and when we search again there will be no disappointment.

Writing that Seth is 5 feels like I am making a typing error.  It feels like I should type 3 or 4, but looking at him and listening to him i know that he is 5.  He is such a funny boy and makes us all laugh.  He tells some really funny jokes and makes some up for himself.

Seth is the youngest and uses this to his advantage, or so his siblings think.  We don’t let him get away with things because he is the youngest, but because we have learnt as parents that being too hard doesn’t always work.  With 5 kids we have learnt to pick the battles.  This is the advantage of being the youngest – not that you actually are the youngest, but that your parents have had some practise!

He is s laid back and takes the easiest path in life and still gets to where he needs to be.  This means he is content and happy, most of the time.  I love his cuddles and how he snuggles in to listen to stories.  I also love his wisdom and the comments he comes out with all the time.

Seth is exposed to a different world than any of the other children.  He has been raised in an older world with the things he hears and sees.  This means he hears a lot more adult conversation and this is reflected in his conversation and comments.  Sometimes it can stop you in your tracks and he says things exactly as they are and it is so innocent.

Seth has a strong sense of fairness and will also stick up for himself.  He also knows he can get extra because of his cute smile and face and then his idea of fairness changes.  I think he thinks that since he missed out before he was born then getting extra now equals out…this drives the kids mad and makes us laugh.

Seth is extremely loving and will give himself to others as needed.  He has no idea the joy he brings to peoples lives as this is so natural to him.

He is also so matter of fact.  He doesn’t overcomplicate and this is a massive breath of fresh air!  I love this about him.  We can tell him the facts and he decides his reaction….he decides it!  I love that he makes the decisions.

Seth is a popular little man and very easy to get along with.

He got a lego head cake for his birthday and he loved that.  It was massive, but was quickly eaten.  This was his Dad’s creation this time and it was fun making it.

He got a little extended birthday in the end because it was the holidays.  By the end he was telling us it wasn’t his birthday anymore so it wasn’t for him but for everyone.  You can’t argue with that logic ha ha!

We obviously adore Seth and his amazing attitude to life.  Wow 5….where did the time go.  It feels like yesterday that he was born on the bathroom floor (one of his favourite stories).

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