Elizabeth turned 7 on the 8th January and I had little palpitations that my little girl is getting a little bigger.  Elizabeth is amazing!  As a Mam she has helped me reach new levels of emotion…sometimes opposite emotions within the matter of seconds.  She is so strong minded, but not stubborn and so logical and yet illogical – all within the same conversation.  To best describe her I would have to say I madly love her!

She takes to things easily and really has a choice of what she wants in life as she can do them all.  If she can’t do something it doesn’t get her down she simply does more of what she can do.  She is verbal and outwardly will talk you through what she is thinking and how everything is always someone else fault – that is until she has talked it through and then admits it was actually her fault and you get the biggest apology ever!  She gets in trouble for back chatting, but it’s not really that -she is just verbally thinking and to be honest making perfect sense.  I want that commentary to remain on the outside because then I know what is happening.  Once that gets on the inside we’ll loose a little part of her and her train of thought.

She is enjoying school and life really.  She got a bike for her birthday and loves riding that.  She had a little sleep over with Charlotte and Hollie so she was happy.

She is loud, even when she is quiet she is loud.  Actually there are times she is lost in what she is doing and then she is quiet.  At all other times she is loud.  Whether that be talking loud or indeed shouting because she ‘just can’t help it even if I try’.  She is certainly a lot less angry than she used to be, but she still shouts sometimes.  She has a strong sense of fairness and will fight anyones corner as needed…she just needs to develop that ability to say something firmly without shouting ha ha.  I have noticed, since starting school, that she can control her temper and shouting.  There is never even a mention of this in her reports etc.  So I am assuming that, from knowing her, controlling it is tiring and she lets it out at home and who can blame her.  She will need to learn other ways of letting it out or indeed relaxing so she doesn’t need to, but for now I am so proud of how she handles it.  (though at the time proud would not be the word I would be looking for)

Elizabeth has always amazed me about how she copes with things!  her eyes..her hearing and everything else.  She takes them in her stride and find ways round it.  It’s funny at the minute because she tells everyone she can’t see 3d movies….it doesn’t get her down – she just simply can’t watch them.

She loves learning!  There is no doubt about that.  She likes to read, but prefers expressing herself.  She writes and makes millions of powerpoint presentations.  Once school had finished the topics continue at home.  She knows a lot about computers.  She is getting older and we haven’t quite caught up with that idea yet!!!

Elizabeth will make a difference in the world…there is no doubt about that!  She has already made a difference in ours.

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