from 2015 to 2016

Wow, I didn’t realise just how much time had passed between posts.  The kids (Seth, Rebekah and Hannah) are sick and so can’t go to church.  Since they are ill they are also laid on the settee watching movies and so I get a little free time to write….Seth has just asked for food so must be feeling better.

Elizabeth and Adam looked great for church today as I had only the 2 of them to check.  I can’t really say dress as they do that themselves, but definitely check.

Christmas seems like a million years ago now.  It was a good Christmas and New Year in France was good as well.  It took us a few days to relax from what we didn’t know were high stress levels and then it was time to go home.  This now means we are thinking of going back at Easter….can we do it??

The highlight would have to be ice skating on the Eiffel Tower.  That was amazing.

Ha ha even with sick kids there is not free writing time as you need to get drinks and blankets etc.

2016 has started off ok.  This year is a leap year and on the 29th February it will be the 4th anniversary of our first date.  That’s mental.  It’s also our 15th year anniversary this year and hopefully we will get away to celebrate properly.

Rebekah has properly settled into school now and making some really good friend.  She had a tricky decision over the weekend and I don’t know if I could have made that decision at her age.  Her friend was having a birthday party at the cinema and then out for a meal.  The movie, although a 12a, was not appropriate as it was quite rude.  She stood up for her standards and didn’t go to the cinema!  She met her friends before and after and had a really good time.  I don’t think I even had those standards at her age let alone stood up for them.  She is a really strong girl.

I was sorting my room the other day, I can’t bring myself to say clean, and came across lots of old stuff from what feels like only a couple of years ago, but is infact over 20 years old.  I also came across my Dad’s journal and read what he thought about me when i was 14 years old.  Luckily I was in a good place and enjoying life when I read it and so I can easily think about whether I should actually just get rid of it.  It has really made me realise and think about the message i give my I make them feel like they are ok or instead do i make them think they are not!  My Dad did see my bad points and that’s ok as your parents see you at your worst and worry so much about you, but those bad points could have either been kept to his own memory or at least be broken up with good points.  At least I could say ‘wow that’s really sad’ rather than fall into massive upset about what a failure I was.  At one point he said that I only think about myself…well luckily I thought about myself enough that even then I knew I would be ok.  I am exactly who I thought I would turn out to be, well mostly ha ha.  It is a shame!

Our goal as a family is laugh more this year.  Laugh at things that would sometimes get us down.  I don’t mean laugh and be rude, but I mean look at things more positively.  Elizabeth is using this to her logical advantage ha ha.  It has got her out of a lot of trouble already.  2016 should be a good year for her.

Ok….I am starting to feel guilty that I am not doing anything with the kids.

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