The Brace

Tomorrow Rebekah will be getting her brace.  She has waited ages for this to happen with much anticipation…then she had the actual appointment and now is not so anticipated!  They told her it will be uncomfortable for a few days…other Mam’s have told me not to take her back to school because of the pain!  I just keep thinking straight teeth, but I don’t think that is what she is even thinking about.  I think she thought it would be cool (it is a cool thing apparently) and now she realises it is a pain!  She has to be very careful with her brushing and with what she eats – she’s sensible and so no worries there.

I am actually just going to pick the kids up so need to be quick.  Just to mention quickly though I am now the grand old age of 36!  I had a good birthday, but almost kept forgetting it was my birthday – wishful thinking perhaps.  It was funny as on Sunday I saw Jessica using her tablet and I thought ‘oh I could treat myself for my birthday’ and then realised that was actually in a years time!   I wonder, if my Dad was still writing our birthday messages, what he would write.  Would it be a dialogue of how wonderful I am or the truth about how normal I am ha ha.

I am off to pick kids up after running there in the rain!  it’s enough to put me off, but I mustn’t be put off as I need to get healthy.  Since Rebekah is about to get a massive change in diet over the next few days I thought I would join her in her efforts.  She has to have a soft diet whilst her teeth calm down.  Then there is no chocolate, haribos etc for the whole duration of the brace wearing.  Now I know that wont last, but it does make you think.

Hopefully I’ll find time to write tomorrow about the brace incident…until then I’l wish myself luck running in the rain.

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