As a family we have had a week of success.  They have been personal successes and the atmosphere in the house has been good and we have been happy, which is a success in itself.  If we measured our success in a worldly way we certainly would have fallen short, but the fact we didn’t is a success.  It is a hard way to think, but one I hope we can keep up – measuring ourselves as ourselves rather than comparing ourselves to others.

We’ll start with Seth, who has started a proper day of school today.  On Friday he went into his line and walked into school with no problems at all.  There was no leg hugging, no looking back, no tummy aches or crying.  He had a good day and came out as happy as he always does.  It is a small thing, but big in his world and huge in mine.  Even though you know they are absolutely fine when they get in you wonder if you have handled it in the best way possible.  Seth actually came up with a solution himself.  I had offered stickers to him if he went in, but on the way to school he found some bird berries and wanted to take them to his teachers.  He gave himself a distraction and a reason to get into school.  This morning was fine and he didn’t have berries, although he was wearing his sun hat in the rain!

For Elizabeth she got a head teachers award.  Now Elizabeth knows this is a success, but has no idea how bright and clever she actually is.  It comes naturally to her and so she thinks it is part of her personality.  It does mean she enjoys challenges and is constantly needing to do things at home to keep her mind active.  Her award was for putting detail in her writing and I need to display that certificate so she knows what a success it is.

Hannah has shown so much independence in taking care of herself.  She does her medicine herself, which actually even having it is a success!  She also does her own hair and makes herself breakfast.  She recently got into trouble with Evie for going down the street and has taken her punishment remarkably well.  She is definitely growing up.  The other day I was picking her up from school and saw a girl who looked a lot like her, but older.  That is until I looked again and realised it was her!

Adam is just getting on really well and becoming his own person.  This school year has started off much better than any other and he seems to be making some good friends.  We have been looking for secondary schools for him and it is no easy task.  We did, however, discover that he is a good little programmer!

Rebekah has survived a week of homework, but more than that she auditioned for a school play.  My first thought was ‘why’ as Rebekah doesn’t really do drama.  My initial thoughts were also to protect her and tell her not to do it!  However my success included not stopping her and letting her try for something she wanted.  She was able to laugh at herself and adjust her thinking when she didn’t get a part and I am so pleased for her.  Being in the school play is not that important to her in the grand scheme of things, but overcoming fear and then accepting something is far more important to her and something we can’t do for her.  I am learning there are many things we can no longer do for her.  This is her time now and I have to say she is doing exceptionally well.

Andrew…well a half marathon is a good success!  He did really well and we enjoyed being there to cheer him on.  The kids ran with the last bit with him and he says he needed it.  This has definitely been harder on his body than when he was younger!  When he races I get worried for him that he wont be happy with the time or he will injure himself.  However I have to learn, as he already has, that the race is simply for him, not a race about others.  He learns so much about himself when he races and enjoys himself.  We talk about doing a race together and I know one day we will….bit scary though.  Maybe start with a 5k.

So my success is feeling good at the moment and getting back in to the things I know I should be doing, which probably is why I am feeling good at the moment.  I was pleased that I managed to drive by myself in Edinburgh and find a car parking spot and that Andrew knew me enough to show it me first.  We work well like that.,  I have also been much calmer and enjoyed a fab weekend of watching not so fab movies.  Yesterday I tried to stay awake whilst we watched the family movie , but think I managed about 5 minutes.  I then fell asleep on Andrew’s chest, which was lovely.  When I am feeling like this the whole world changes and I see things so much more clearly and I have room in my heart and mind to think about the important things…the really important things and not the seemingly important things.

Well it is Monday and my cleaning time!  Hmmm wonder if these good feelings will last ha ha.



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