First day of school…kind of

We all knew September would come!  It always does and the hurry of going back to school happens again and again and again.  The only difference is that the end of each school holiday brings with it a new school year and little more proof that the kids are just getting bigger and bigger.  This year we have yr7, yr6, yr4, yr2 and reception.  Starting next year we only get ‘years’ and no more nursery or reception.  It always feels safe when you have at least one kid in the foundation stage, it implies you have years left of them growing up.  However, it goes quickly and I know before i can blink I will be getting ready for the next 6 week holiday and ready to send another child to the juniors and another to secondary school.  My mate at work sent her youngest of 5 to secondary school today and she cried….I wanted to cry for her.  I want to cry about it now and I still have a few years left.

Elizabeth and Seth, much to their delight, still had a day off today.  Rebekah began her first day at St Anthony’s and Adam and Hannah went back to Barnes – both going in the same end of the school.  I think they were all nervous and excited at the same time.  It was a mix of emotions.  I was back at work at Valley Rd too so a mix of emotions for me as well.


So Rebekah in Secondary School.  It is a good job really as she has a size 7 shoe ha ha.  She looked fab in her new uniform and very smart.  Oh yes and she survived a whole day without a mobile phone….the other girls feel she could not possibly survive another, but she is sensible and knows she can manage it.  However she will not have to as we have got her one.  Now in years to come we may remember this as a terrible parenting moment where we made our daughter different and a target!  However, right now, we are seeing this as a great parenting moment as she is only allowed a phone that can basically call and text.  No internet and no photos and no big screen etc.  She has an old style Nokia.  She is fine with it and has played snakes as enthusiastically as we all have when we got our first Nokia.  It has been a hard decision, but I know the right one for our family.

So tomorrow means I am sending Seth into the big world of reception, where I am thinking he will learn to read and he is thinking about playing on the tablets.  I have no doubt he will love it just as much as nursery.  I am not so sure he will survive the day without a little nap.  Tonight I did his hair after he got out the shower and gave him a side parting, which will be his usual fluffiness by the morning.  When I was leaving his room I heard him say to himself that he couldn’t twirl his hair tonight, which is what he does when he sucks his thumb.  I had to stop a second and compose myself at the realisation that he is getting older and at the same time be grateful that he might actually stop sucking his thumb!  There is no way Hannah is giving it up.

How could I forget the shoe shop meltdown….hmmm maybe a little embarrassing for those involved and so I will simply say the words ‘plain’ and ‘world war 1′ and hopefully that will trigger the memories enough for me to retell the story and hopefully we can laugh lots about it in the future – not yet as it is too raw.

This holiday has been great and relaxing and with a lot of swimming.  Seth was proper going for it and was jumping in every opportunity and swimming under the water (even on his back).  There has been little use of armbands and a lot of use of costumes this holiday.

I am just looking outside as I am typing and it is only 8.30ish and it is dark outside.  I love the cosiness of Autumn, but I don’t like dark nights.  You can do so much more in the summer.

Rebekah is at Young Women’s tonight and Andrew is at meetings.  She is going as a one off as I think it is Aimee’s party.

Oh I should mention my little DIY mishap.  I am proper into DIY at the moment as I try and get stuff done for Andrew to finish off.  He is so busy and so I try and help out the best I can.  Anyways I have a couple of injuries…mostly bruises, but then I stood on a nail… much pain!!!  Rebekah had to pull the wood from my foot and it killed.  I can give birth, but cannot get a nail out of my foot.  It was so painful for ages and then just suddenly got better,  Infact I wish I had a little more out of resting now as it cleared up quicker than I thought it could.

On bank holiday Monday we had another canoe ride, but this time there were the Caves’ and the Spencers’ all in their own canoes.  It was fun if not a bit mental.  I like that kind of mental.  Adam does too.

Well best get packed lunch ready for tomorrow.  Back to the grind!

I don’t think there will be tears…infact I am pretty sure there won’t be, but my heart my tug a lot!!!

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