School Reports, St Anthony’s and the leavers play

This year is the first year that I get to read 5 school reports…the older the child the more detail you get.  I am still waiting for Seth’s, but the rest are in and they have been read and discussed.  To be totally honest you kind of already know what they will say as you get homework comments and have generally chats with the teachers throughout the year.  I have a lot of school teacher friends and we often laugh about the ‘stock phrases’ that are used and I certainly read some of those in the reports this year.  However, more surprisingly, there were some really honest evaluations of the kids.  They were good reports and I don’t mean the kids did well, which they did, but good in how they were written.  I think they are good…the kids might have a different opinion.

So in short, they are all doing great.  What a relief!  Rebekah needs to continue, Adam to apply himself more consistently, Hannah to let herself shine and Beth to carry on as she’s going.  They are all clever kids with their own unique personalities and this could be seen in their reports.  I found myself agreeing with the comments and to be honest, not mentioning names, relieved that they are not being as silly as we imagined.  I think the teachers gave a far more favourable account than we would have ha ha.

Now I just want the last week to slip by and for the holidays to start.  I am nervous as well as excited as I don’t want the holidays to go as quickly as the term has.  I know this will actually happen, but I like to think it won’t.

Rebekah also had her trial run at St Anthony’s.  I should really let her write about that though.  She is very ready to go and loved it every bit as much as we thought she would.

On Wednesday and Thursday evening she had her leavers play.  It was really good.  Some plays are hard to sit through, especially if your child is right at the beginning, but this one was fast moving and well acted.  It was funny and Rebekah was an absolute emotional mess by the end!  She just couldn’t stop crying and I think it had a lot to do with the songs.  Like me, she is obviously emotional with music.  It was weird seeing all those little kids all grown up.  Some of them I know really well and others I only know their names.  Some of them I have no idea about, even after 8 years of Rebekah being in the school.  As we watched the slideshow at the end of their ‘baby’ and ‘now’ pictures it jut really hit home that that part of their life is now done.  I am sure they will be dying to be teenagers and as older people we are dying for them to enjoy being kids just for a little bit longer!  Another thing I thought about what was how ‘big’ their lives are and how much bigger it will get.  I have known some of these kids for 8 years and know them through Rebekah’s eyes.  Then there were some who i had no idea about, I didn’t recognise their name or their picture.  However, they are just as known to other people and Rebekah might be one of the unknown to them.  It just made me realise how big the world actually is and what are priorities actually are.


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