The Cyclone

Whoops I forgot to mention the Cyclone in my post yesterday!

IMG_20150620_100123 IMG_20150620_100207 IMG_20150620_115558 IMG_20150620_151258


We are Andrew’s greatest fans and love watching him race – or in this case see him start and finish.  This year was the added bonus of finding a quicker way to get there and a primary activity at Newcastle Chapel, which the kids really enjoyed and where they got their faces painted!  We did lots of walking and must have walked the same path about 5 times in the end, but it was worth it.  There was a little accident part way round, which meant they finished a little later than anticipated, but all finished well.

I’m not entirely sure you can tell, but they are all dressed as the avengers in some form.

Rebekah now wants to do it next year so let’s see what happens and whether there will be time to train.  She has started running so you never know.

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