Seth is 4!!

I feel like I blinked and Seth turned 4!  The time has gone so quickly and now we have an amazing little man who makes us laugh.  I have tried to continue the tradition of my Dad and write about the kids on their birthday.  I have not always managed it, but this time I have.

Seth is really funny.  He has a great sense of humor and has the ability to make others feel loved.  He is our baby and gets away with so much, which he knows and uses to his own benefit.  You will often hear cries from the others that they were never allowed to do the things that he did.

He is very adventurous and loves the outdoors.  He loves being dirty, except his hands after sticky food, and loves helping his Dad with jobs around the house.

He also loves books and cuddling on the settee with a story.  I think this is also because he can stroke and cuddle up to you!  He loves his thumb and twirling his hair…he hated it when his Dad cut his hair because he couldn’t play with it anymore,

Seth read a scripture in Primary today…he was amazing!!  It was so cute…I read the words and he spoke them out loud.  He needed it done in a particular way and he wanted to look all grown up with his scriptures.  My little man is growing up!

For his birthday he has got a lot of dinosaurs and a lego cake.  He loved that it was his birthday, but was sad the day after when he didn’t go back to being 3!!

He thinks a lot…not always about numbers and letters, but about life.  He is very perceptive and asks deep questions, for which he does not like the reply of ‘just because’…if he gets that reply he just keeps asking!

He enjoys his chips with tomato ketchup and bargain hunting!

We love Seth so much and love that he is a happy little man.  Happy Birthday Seth!

Seth's Lego Cake

Seth’s Lego Cake



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