School’s Out for half term

The holidays are always highly anticipated…no school run tomorrow…no stress in the morning.  We can wake up when we want and stay in our pj’s just for a little while.  I think I am more looking forward to not going to bed stressed with the planning of tomorrow.  Instead I can go to bed knowing that Andrew has to get out of bed, but I don’t.  When he gets out I can spread out and steal the pillow…ahhhhh!!!

It was a good last week of school.  Rebekah did her SATs practice and did well and the rest of the kids survived the week….Adam only just!  Hannah had her school assembly about Roald Dahl and it was a really good one!  She spoke loudly and clearly.  Seth is still growing his beanstalk and Elizabeth is still drawing hundreds of pictures…we are not sure where she gets her art skills from!

The week was so good the kids got a…..takeaway!  It was massive and was actually the meal for Saturday as well.  The kids usually wait till I am out before getting a takeaway so this was a rare treat.  We had planned to go out for a meal, but getting 7 people to agree on one meal that is a reasonable price is no easy feat…we all agreed on pizza and kebab.

The kids also nearly got a sleep over…I say nearly since they argued so got separated back into their own rooms.  The joy of family life!

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