Time has ticked on and now we are in April.  I am not entirely sure where March went, but we are now in April and so somewhere in all of life we put the clocks forward and entered Spring!  We have also begun a new school holidays, we are driving a new car and have eaten enough chocolate to last us an entire year!  It feels like not much has happened, but when you sit down and start to think then it becomes clear that actually a lot has happened and it was the fact that we never actually sat down to think about it that made it feel otherwise.  we did lose a couple of weeks with Andrew having the ‘real’ flu and not ‘manflu’ and was really ill and needing to rest a lot.  The kids have kind of dodged it and so all is nearly well in the Hughes house…just hayfever to get over now.

It is hard to know which story to begin with as it might take a lot of typing…I wonder if I should make bullet points instead…I am sure there is a programme on the computer that could do that…a bullet point would be that we now have a new computer.

We have just had easter weekend and conference weekend.  We like conference weekend in this house, although Adam will protest as much as possible and as loudly as possible when it interferes with something he thinks is more fun.  It was a good conference with word of wisdom that we will implement into our family routine.  There were also some historical moments, opposition of the first presidency and President Utchdorf making funny jokes and speaking German by ‘accident’.

This weekend was also the weekend I got to see Wicked at the theatre…what great fun!  It was a matinee performance and I think next time it would be great to go on an evening and get really dressed up.  I love the theatre and this certainly made me love it even more.  I definitely want to see it again and I definitely have the words of the songs going through my head and sometimes popping out of my mouth.

Today was Easter Monday…bank holiday and therefore time for Andrew to be off work and time for some family adventures!  We went to Roseberry Topping and loved it again.  I think we walked about 4 miles altogether and my feet are pleased to be out of hiking shoes, but it was great to be in the open air and seeing the beauty of nature.  We managed to find a hidden waterfall that was on the map…I say waterfall meaning a bit of water coming down a hill, but a waterfall it was and it made the sound of a waterfall and I love waterfalls and so am saying it was lovely.  It was off the beaten track, which is always my favourite walk and we found a lovely array of flowers, which if I am ever organised enough I will post pictures of.  John took the pictures so I will have to be really organised!

The kids were good and walked all the way…we are now a family where no one needs shoulder rides!  This means they are allowed a sleepover….will it end with them all in the same room or will they be separated????  Thankfully that is the biggest question we have today!

I think when Easter falls on conference weekend we forget to do the Easter extras like hunts and making crafts etc,  but then your whole weekend is filled with inspiration and righteous thinking.  The kids got their hunt at Grandmas house, which as always they loved, but we didn’t do half the things I had planned for the holidays.  We have just started our holidays and feel that I have already had enough lie ins and no stress going to bed opportunities, which means that this should be a proper holiday and hopefully lots of fun.  Andrew is back at work tomorrow, but gets next week off.

Right…time to begin their sleepover…the timer has started for how long it will last!

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