Adam is 10

Adam’s birthday was on a Saturday this year, which meant he actually celebrated his birthday on his actual birthday!  He has been going on for ages about being double figures and now it has arrived I am a little sad!  Why do the kids have to grow??!!

he had a great time and for some lovely presents, a tablet from us, which he has been very sensible about.  This is the time now to help him grow up, but not too quickly!

It is hard to describe Adam.  I don’t know where to start with him.  Adam reminds me a lot of my side of the family rather than the Hughes side.  I worry loads about him and I want so much for him.  I like when he is with good friends as I can relax so much more.  He is funny and so intelligent, he think so heavily and deeply about everything and about other people.  He thinks out loud and talks a lot…another Jones trait.  I wish Adam could have been my friend when I was younger and he could have seen the more fun side of me rather than the parent side of me.  He could have seen that I struggled sometimes and that you are allowed to struggle sometimes!  I think if he could have seen that, that I had to grow up too he would relax and stop trying to be the Adam he thinks I want to see.

Adam is a good friend and he will stand by you through thick and thin.  He is so emotionally mature and can read other people and help them when needed.  It would not surprise me at all if Adam ended up in some caring profession over an office job.  He is so interested in people and about what makes them do what they do.  He is interested in their experiences and can emotionally connect.  Adam wears his life out in the open.  He is confident, but has no idea he is…another Jones trait!  I love that he still has an ability with words and can stand in front of others and speak.  I hope that never goes.

Adam is clever and at the moment that is not the most important thing to him.  I could force him to be bothered….I could force Adam to do whatever I wanted, but that would not be him.  I am confident that he will find his place and he will figure out the important things in life and do them when he is ready.  His Dad is much more relaxed about it ha ha.

Adam had some great friends at his party.  They watched Big Hero 6 on the big screen at church.  His Dad made milkshakes and he put the screen on the stage at church.  He loved it.  I did not worry once about him during his entire party ha ha.

We love Adam so much, more than I think he realises.  He’ll know when he’s a Dad and I cannot wait to tell him about his life when he comes with concerns about his kids ha ha.  He is great and we need to treat him like he is great.  Adam is a real child of God and is so special.  He has massive potential and will achieve great things, not in a worldly sense, but in a life sense.  He knows more about the good life than I ever did at his age.  In short he is all clued up!

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