First canoe trip of the year!

it was bank holiday Monday…the weather was okish…the Caves were free…was there really anything else we should do than canoe on Chester Le Street river?  It was tough actually, but loads of fun.  Rebekah went in her kayak and the rest of us were in the canoe…we were pretty low in the water.  Since there was a lot of  wind there were times we were paddling hard and I could feel it in my arms.  We had a picnic on a little island and I wondered if the kids knew that the path to the park was just above where we were sitting.  I think to them we were in some secret place that could only be accessed by canoe.  I will not destroy that thought.

The Spencer’s joined us later and they went off on a ride.  Adam went with them and the ladies went off to the park.  It was great seeing the kids playing together and knowing that they were having a good time.  Obviously talking with Louise and Emma was great as well ha ha.

it is funny because I remember when the thought of of going in a canoe wasn’t at all a favourite thought and then actually getting in it was not my favourite feeling and then now I love it.  That is really a massive part of my life and something I am so grateful to Andrew for….loving things I never knew I would love.

Ahhh so sad it is back to reality tomorrow.  I am trying to think of this bank holiday as a treat rather than a tease of pretending it the beginning of a week holiday!  How great would that be???

Time for hot choc and settle on the settee before going to bed to end what has been a fab bank holiday and a great weekend.


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